Sweet new world

. January 11, 2013.

It’s always the right time for cake, especially if you’re a child. But Ann Arbor’s Heather Anne Leavitt makes cakes for all time. With her company, Sweet Heather Anne, Leavitt crafts astonishingly elaborate and gorgeous cakes for special occasions, like nothing you’ve ever seen at a birthday party. No sheet cakes, here—Leavitt’s creations are carefully crafted into gorgeous, fanciful shapes. They’re decorated in eye-popping colors, with elaborate trim—a million miles away from white-frosting-withsprinkles. Leavitt, a veteran of U of M’s School of Art and Design, discovered a love for
food while studying art in Italy. Upon returning to Michigan, she immersed herself in the culinary world, and eventually found a way to marry her two passions. All her cakes are made from scratch with local ingredients, and are available in fl avors that go far beyond “yellow”—from pumpkin maple to apricot ginger to blood orange olive oil. Make no mistake: these are works of art, and since each cake is custom-designed, prices average $6-15
per slice. But if you’re planning something truly special, or just are fascinated by the art of food, Sweet Heather Anne is worth a taste.

359 Metty Dr. 734-913-2025. www.sweetheatheranne.com.