Taking a Holistic Approach

. January 30, 2015.

A new medical practice in Brighton opened by Susan Rose, Doctor of Osteopathy, is ready to treat patients of all ages with a holistic, total body approach. The fully-licensed physician concentrates on hands-on treatment that “gets to the root of the problem” through a number of modalities, specifically cranialsacral therapy, which is a gentle way of doing body work that doesn’t just pertain to the head and spine.

“I see newborns to help them through the consequences of the birth process,” said Dr. Rose. “For children who have misshapen heads, the problem goes all the way down the neck the spine, so I take a holistic approach in order to treat the whole baby.”

Dr. Rose emphasized that children are subjected to trauma through everyday activities and falling. “Kids are resilient but they don’t bounce back as much as people give them credit for. If they have asymmetry from birth, and then experience these daily traumas, it can create lasting effects,” she said.

Her typical method of treatment involves sitting with patients for about thirty minutes to get their medical history and history of the problem they’re dealing with to determine key problems. Although she does frequently start on the head, she uses a priority system to make sure she’s treating the most affected area first. She then talks about needed treatment, exercises, stretches and supplements, which she feels are essential.

“Contrary to what people think, osteopaths aren’t always treating back pain. Many musicians come in with hand and wrist problems, while dancers often suffer foot, ankle and knee pain,” said Dr. Rose. “They should all be doing yoga or Pilates because they are critically beneficial for stretching and mindfulness.”

Ensuring that patients leave in a balanced position is important, she said. “I want to make sure they leave my office feeling good. If they don’t leave here in a balanced position, they won’t be getting relief from their presenting complaint or they’ll leave with something new in pain.” -NH

5889 Whitmore Lake Rd., Suite 4, Brighton. 810-588-6911.