The messier, the merrier

. April 29, 2013.

If your party clothes aren’t ruined at the end of one of Sara Smith’s parties, you must be at the wrong address. Being covered from head to toe in paint, mud, and flour is an essential part of a Messy Day party. An educator with a master’s in early childhood education, Sara started throwing backyard parties for her son on his first birthday, and ended up with an annual event. “After a few years, I had 80 kids in the back yard, about half of whom I actually knew,” she laughs. “My husband told me to stop thinking about it as a business and just do it!”

Parties feature between five and 12 stations that might include a kiddie pool full of flour, water balloons with paint instead of H2O, shaving cream (“great for Mohawks!” says Sarah), and mud. The play inspires collaboration, decision making, scientific and creative discovery, and bonding. “It really is a day where parents can just say ‘yes’ to their kids, when so many times we have to say ‘no,’” she says. “All the barriers come down; relationships just blossom.”

Parties are appropriate for any age group; in fact, Sara has even coordinated some corporate events. A variety of options begin with a five-station party for $225, with 8 and 12 stations available, as well as an a la carte option.

Messy Day Party LLC,  Blissfield. 419-482-8FUN (8386). —NB