The Scrap Box needs your help

. February 26, 2016.

Anyone that’s ever stepped foot in The Scrap Box, the nonprofit recycling program dedicated to taking the scraps from businesses across Michigan and to be repurposed by creative kids, has seen how much material lies in their 9,000-square-foot warehouse. How do they get it all? By using a van to drive across the state and collect donations. Now, The Scrap Box needs Ann Arbor’s help. Their van has gone to be recylcled, and they are currently raising funds to buy another van (2012-2014 model). Perks are available for donation packages, ranging from a $10 donation, which nets hand-designed heart shaped mementos, to $2,000, which gets your name on the new van!  


Donations can be made through Paypal, Indiegogo, and at