Dine-In Option Aim to Resume on February 1

dine-in february 1
Stock photo courtesy of Kaique Rocha

With Governor Whitmer’s latest announcement, Michigan restaurants are aiming to offer dine-in on February 1. Here’s what you need to know.

Although the dine-in ban was extended, Governor Whitmer is still hoping to reopen dine-in options for restaurants by February 1. 

Michigan’s COVID numbers have been declining. If Michigan residents can keep this trend up, indoor dining may be able to resume on February 1 with some requirements. When restaurants reopen, there will be mask requirements, capacity limits, and a curfew to ensure the safety of our community. 

michigan dine-in february 1
Image courtesy of Michigan.gov.

On Saturday, January 16, more restrictions are expected to be lifted. This includes lifting restrictions on indoor fitness classes and non-contact sports. However, indoor dining, water parks, and nightclubs are to remain closed for the time being. 

Whitmer announced these changes at a news conference on Wednesday, January 13. Michigan State Law allows for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to prohibit gatherings during a pandemic. 

However, many restaurants and patrons are wary of this information. With no clear end date in sight, some restaurants and diners are reluctant to count on this reopen date. But as long as Michiganders continue to social distance, wear a mask, and stay safe during this time, there’s a good chance that dine-in will be available again in the very near future.

For more information regarding what’s permitted and what’s prohibited at this time, check out michigan.gov/coronavirus.