A kid’s guide to writing Washington


As parents, when given the opportunity to engage our children in world issues, we must take it. Our children hear about world issues, they see images in the news and they are paying attention. Little Voices are Loud is an organization dedicated to engaging and empowering children’s voices on global issues such as: refugees, clean water and education. Our founder, Deena Neimat, experienced war abroad as a child and is now a mother in Louisville, and realized quickly that the worldview of U.S. children can be very sheltered. This is why we have created resources for parents wanting to involve their kids with world issues.

In the guide below you will find an easy letter template that your child can customize to whatever topic or issue area they would like to contact their representative about. You will also find contact information for the elected officials representing Washtenaw County and Michigan in the U.S. Congress.

Click on this link to view the Kids Guide to Writing a Letter to a Representative (Washington Letter Tool Kit)

Little voices can be very loud and this is one way to help your child engage in world issues this summer.

To find out more about Little Voices are Loud visit littlevoicesareloud.com.