Back to School With Mindfulness

. August 25, 2016.

Founder of Peace Place for Kids and Joyohboy author Kathy Walsh has a few simple tips any family can do to make the new school year one filled with positivity, joy, and peace.

“Make this a mindful school year. As school starts, think about what mindfulness means to you. Look at your parenting style and see what the small things you do everyday teach your children,” says Kathy.

-Start the day with joy! Make a playlist of happy songs to play every morning before school and fill the house with happiness! Music elicits lots of emotions –make them joyful ones!  

-Positive thinking is a choice. Another way to start day is to take a moment with your children, close your eyes, imagine and feel a beautiful day. “What color is your day? Today mine is periwinkle!”

-Teach your children that when we show love, it comes back to us. It is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s just that simple.

-I have realized that stuff happens in life, but it is how we respond that counts and helps us grow emotionally. The important thing to do is to feel the feeling that comes along. Here are some ways you can help your children feel their feelings:

  • Draw a balloon and cut it out. Write feeling words that result from a challenging situation, such as “frustrated,” “angry” or “sad,” on small bits of paper.
  • Guide your child in picking out the words that best express their feelings. Let them glue the words onto the balloon. Hang it someplace visible and imagine letting the feelings go.

-Do a countdown meditation before bed. While they’re lying in bed, tell them to breathe, relax, and let go as you count down from ten to one.

-Another way to close the day is to listen to meditations designed for bed. For instance, my gratitude meditation reinforces the message of gratitude and helps children feel grateful for everything in their lives.