Burns Park’s Pumpkin Wall Tradition Continues

Children in costume walk past the pumpkin wall on Fair Oaks in Burns Park.

Kate and David Share started the tradition of the pumpkin wall on Fair Oaks in Burns Park, but have since moved out of the neighborhood. Neighbors decided to honor them this year by continuing the tradition and using this opportunity to honor the Shares by donating to Corner Health Center.  David Share was the medical director at Corner Health and still supports the organization.  

Jon and Ashley Oberheide stepped up to organize the beloved tradition, providing LED lights for the pumpkins and requesting that neighbors carve the pumpkins then place them on the stone wall on Fair Oaks in Burns Park.  For each pumpkin placed there, $100 was donated to Corner Health Center in honor of Kate and David Share.  

The dirt road and stone wall provided a picturesque setting for the lit pumpkins on Halloween night. Kate Share and Jennifer Tanau were present to help light the pumpkins and pass out candy to the visiting children.