Diaper Banks

. August 17, 2016.

Diapers are as important to a baby’s development as a mother’s love. Think about it – keeping babies and toddlers dry, clean and healthy is essential to their ability to reach full potential. Unfortunately diapers are also one of the biggest expenses for young children. One in three U.S. moms report experiencing diaper need.

Michigan’s diaper need

An average monthly supply of diapers for one child is $80. That’s a lot of money out of the monthly budget for many people! In Michigan, 29 percent of children under age three live in families earning less than 100% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). For a family of three that would mean earning less than $20,160 per year (2016 HHS Federal Poverty Guidlines). The only federal assistance program that can be used to pay for diapers is TANF. However, TANF doles out one sum of money monthly which also has to cover rent, utilities, clothing, transportation, and other basic needs. In Michigan, 39 percent of TANF recipients have at least one child under age three.

Diaper banks

So, what is a diaper bank? Do these banks help to meet the diaper needs of Michigan’s babies? Michigan has 13 National Diaper Bank Network diaper banks. They distribute over 1.3 million diapers annually. A diaper bank assesses the need of parents requesting assistance and simply provides diapers to support that family. Some even provide cloth diapers or adult diapers! The list below shows the diaper banks in Washtenaw County.

Destiny and Purpose Community Outreach (DAPCO)

Serving Washtenaw and Wayne Counties.
Ph: (877) 832-1277 ext. 103

Hope Clinic

Serving Washtenaw and Western Wayne Counties
Ph: (734) 484-2989

Manchester Community Resource Center, Inc.

Serving areas in and around Manchester.
Ph: (734) 428-7722

Saline Area Social Service, Inc.

Serving the Saline Area School District.
Ph: (734) 429-4570

SOS Community Services – Homeless Family Services

Working to end homelessness for families in Washtenaw County
Ph: (734) 484-9940

How you can help and learn more

All diapers require community support and donations to do they work that they do to make sure that all babies are clean and healthy. Most likely the best thing you can do to help is to donate, donate, donate. Contact the diaper banks in the list above to find out more. You could even start your own diaper bank; there is a manual.

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For more information visit the National Diaper Bank Network’s website.