Domino’s Pizza offers the first pizza baby registry and new parents rejoice

. January 2, 2018.

Mealtimes can be stressful when there is a new baby at home. Deciding what to cook, making the meal, the food is finally ready to eat and then the baby needs attention by this time and the food gets cold, and then there is the clean up. One can only fit so many freezer meals into the freezer, but now new parents can now register for pizza. Yes, pizza is joining the pacifiers, onesies, swaddles and other items on the baby registry list!

Domino’s Pizza has partnered with Guru Guru, an online baby registry website, to offer parents the option to register for different pizza packages that will make mealtime simple after the new baby arrives. Parents can register for different pizza packages with fun titles like “Sleeping through the night”, “Newborn lockdown”, and “Hormonal and hangry”. Packages range in price from $20-$50. Gift cards and packages are delivered to the new parents in the form of egift cards allowing them to use them when needed. Let them eat pizza!