Play Around With A Playground Roundup

Washtenaw County is full of amazing playgrounds. Each playground and park is distinctly different from the next, giving our community a variety of places and ways to play. Here are some of the best parks in our area.

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County Farm Park

This park’s large play structure is awesome for big kids while younger kids will enjoy the play tractor, sand area, and swings. Take a walk through the prairie or woods on gravel paths and stop at the exercise stations to stretch. Two parking areas are available off of Medford Road and Platt Road, with the latter being closer to the play area.

2230 Platt Rd., Ann Arbor. 734-971-6355.

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Island Park

Island Park is just that, an island in the Huron River. Walk across a bridge to find the play structure and swings. Then walk down to the river’s edge where you can wade and throw rocks into the water. Bring a picnic or use one of the public grills to barbecue, and enjoy a meal near the river.

*public restroom *little kids *bike paths *water play.

Island Dr., Ann Arbor. 734-794-6000.

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Gallup Park


Gallup Park is great for bird spotting and walking. A loop path, mostly paved and flat, provides a great place to walk, rollerblade or bike. Two playgrounds are available with a new universally accessible playground in the works. Children enjoy climbing on fun landmarks along the path: animal sculptures, such as a Canadian goose and a beaver.

1519 Fuller Rd., Ann Arbor. 734-794-6230.

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Timber Town Park

With a large wooden play structure full of walkways, slides, ramps and hideouts, Timber Town will provide an entertaining environment for hours. There are also swings and a sandbox plus a large field for sports play.

Sibley Rd., Chelsea. 734-475-1771.

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Ford Heritage Park

Built to be universally accessible, the play structure at Ford Heritage Park is great for those with special needs as well as young children. There are lots of ramps, a long row of swings, and the paved paths are perfect for beginning bikers.

8399 Textile Rd., Ypsilanti. 734-544-3800.

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Lillie Park

There are two entrances to Lillie Park off of Platt Road: the north entrance allows access to paved paths that lead down to Haven Lake, where you can fish, and the south entrance is closer to two play structures, soccer fields, and paths that wander through woods and across a boardwalk over a large pond. During the warmer months, you may even see fish or turtles in the water.

4365 Platt RD., Ann Arbor. 734-822-2120.

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Glacier Highlands Park

This neighborhood park does not feature a parking lot (ample street parking is available) but your kids are sure to enjoy the play structures, four swings, sand box, basketball courts, large field for running around, and even a merry-go-round.

3600 Larchmont Dr., Ann Arbor. 734-794-6230.

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Veterans Memorial Park

The outdoor features at this park include tennis courts, baseball fields, a play structure, four swings, and a skate park. There are two parking lots: a paved lot closest to the outdoor pool and indoor skating rink is off of Jackson Road, and a gravel parking lot off of Maple Road that is closer to the 30,000 square foot skate park.

*porta potty *public restroom (when the pool or ice rink are open) *all ages *water play

2150 Jackson Ave., Ann Arbor. 734-794-6235.

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Buhr Park/Cobblestone Farm

This park is great for a hot day; you can cool off in the pool or enjoy good shade coverage in the play structure. Walk over to Cobblestone Farm and see the farm animals as they wander around the barn. There are also tennis courts and some paved paths for biking.

*public restroom *little kids *water play *bike paths

2751 Packard St., Ann Arbor. 734-794-6230.

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Mill Pond Park

The large wooden castle playground at Mill Pond Park is perfect for big and little kids. It even includes an area just for little ones. Drop sticks from the bridge, or on a hot day, stop and splash in the Saline River – it’s more of a creek here. Large fields are also fun for games of soccer or Frisbee.

*public restroom *all ages *water play

565 W. Bennett St., Saline Mi.–recreation–outdoor-parks–mill-pond

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Montibeller Park


With two play structures designed for different age ranges, Montibeller Park provides a place to play for everyone. Other amenities include tennis courts, baseball fields, a hill that is perfect for rolling down, and a large pavilion – good for hot days when there isn’t much shade on the play structures. If you want to venture farther, the woods at the far end of the park offer unpaved trails.

*public restroom *all ages

4305 Ellsworth Rd., Ypsilanti. 734-822-2120.

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Rolling Hills County Park

Rolling Hills County Park

Although Rolling Hills is best known for their water park, the county park has more to offer than just summertime fun. The park offers a great playground right outside of a beautiful walking trail around a small pond. There’s also mountain biking, disc golfing, and trails for little legs.

7660 Stony Creek Rd., Ypsilanti. 734-484-9679.

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Independence Lake

Independence Lake

Independence Lake offers a large, handicap-accessible play structure with bridges, slides, climbing rocks, track rides and more. It also helps that there’s a spray park (for an additional fee) that has two water slides, water play structure, and more. Once you’re done with the playground, you can enjoy boat rentals, sand beaches, and walks through the woods.

3200 Jennings Rd., Whitmore Lake. 734-449-4437.

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