Talking with Robert Beech about his Halloween Charity Haunt “Brandywine Cemetery”

. October 1, 2016.

There’s nothing like walking through a creepy yard haunt during Halloween. The crisp autumn air, gleaming Jack-O-Lanterns, tombstones, and skeleton peering through bushes and leaf covered lawns bring fiendish smiles to those who pass. For 16 years, Robert Beech of Ann Arbor has created a must-see Halloween adventure in his yard called Brandywine Cemetery. People are encouraged to give a small donation and those donations have helped add up to make a big impact to help those in need of food.

Beech’s yard haunt started in 2000. “I do it to give back to the community and make lasting memories” said Beech. With a strong art background in computer animation, graphics, sculpture, and photography (including 5 years working for Disney), Beech creates a host of Halloween visuals. From fog breathing gargoyles, to flying ghosts, Beech sets a mood past and modern Halloween. Live actors and animatronics are frightfully featured for a good scare.

What will people see at the yard haunt?

“Mostly it’s what they won’t see. No blood crazed hillbillies, cannibal pirates, and definitely no chainsaws. It’s Addams Family friendly. It’s just creepy and fun,” said Beech. Inspired by a mixture of Halloweens past and DisneyLand’s Haunted Mansion attraction, Beech goes for a classic and creepy vibe with no blood or gore. “People have fun! They get scared, but it’s a positive scare,” Beech exclaims. All ages are welcomed to attend however, children under age 10 should be accompanied by an adult.

A haunt with a great cause

As people finish walking through Beech’s Halloween haunt, they’re encouraged to donate a small amount of money. “All the money goes to Food Gatherers. They do good work,” said Beech. Donations are not required, but certainly appreciated.

Dates, time, and location

Brandywine Cemetery is located at 2727 Brandywine, Ann Arbor. Beech opens his yard haunt to the public on October 30th and 31st. The fun begins when it gets dark, and ends around 8:30 or 9pm. The haunt happens regardless of weather conditions. Long lines can form, so be prepared and dress appropriately. This is the final year that Beech will organize his haunt, so make sure to check it out! Beech is always looking for reliable volunteers to help with his haunt.

If you’d like to be creepy for a great cause,
you can email Robert Beech at