Time-Saving Maid Becomes Life-Saving Hero

. December 1, 2017.
Dawn Dohn and 3-month-old Cassidy Rumfelt share a moment together.
Dawn Dohn and 3-month-old Cassidy Rumfelt share a moment together.

Molly Maids Dawn Dohn and Alyssa Elyer reported to their Pittsfield Township assignment in November, expecting to clean the home of new mother Tracy Rumfelt. But after entering the home, they encountered a distraught mother holding her baby. Three-month old Cassidy was unable to breath, and in desperate need of resuscitation.

That was when Dohn, a 24 year veteran of Molly Maids, stepped in to save the day. Dohn took the baby and called 911. A dispatcher was able to instruct Dohn in infant CPR over the telephone, and Dohn performed mouth to mouth resuscitation on the infant until paramedics arrived. Her quick thinking saved baby Cassidy’s life.
Last week, Molly Maids awarded Dohn for her act of heroism at a company meeting. Molly Maid president Meg Roberts was on hand to congratulate the Molly Maids and reward them with flowers and checks from the company.

“The most important part of our business, for me as the leader of this organization, is the professional men and women who have the trust of our clients and who take care of their precious things. And the most precious things in their homes are their children.”
Roberts acknowledged that caring for children is not in the job description of a Molly Maid, but that was precisely what Dohn was called to do.

In her presentation, Roberts commended Dohn for her actions.
“Dawn and her partner Alyssa walked in to a home with a mother who was in great distress with her newborn baby, Cassidy.

Cassidy was choking and not breathing. Dawn was beyond heroic, called 911, took the baby from Tracy, and performed CPR and mouth to mouth to get this baby breathing again.”

“I don’t think there’s anything more amazing, more heroic, more generous and absolutely astounding…how calm you were…to really save a child’s life,” Roberts told Dohn. She presented Dohn with a $1000 check from Molly Maids to show their appreciation.
Tracy Rumfelt and baby Cassidy made a surprise appearance at the company meeting, where they greeted Dohn with a hug and their thanks.

“We can’t express how grateful we are to you, and words can’t express how thankful we are that you came in,” Rumfelt told Dohn.
Baby Cassidy, who had been suffering from dehydration, is now healthy and home with her family after a short hospital stay.