Top 15 Educational Shows on Netflix for Kids

Learn from home during COVID-19

Whether you’ve been homeschooling for years or you’re new to the game, let’s be honest: there is no way we can educate our children from 9AM to 3PM straight every day…and nor should you feel you MUST. 

Reality dictates that we juggle household duties with parenting responsibilities and–for many–working from home on top of that due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of feeling guilty for turning on the TV, put on one of these educational shows for school-aged children so you can get laundry done or respond to emails while knowing your children are still learning something. Bonus: they won’t realize they’re learning because it’s TV! 

After the kids have learned a little something from one of these Netflix shows (and you’ve regained your sanity), check out this list of everyday learning experiences that can be taught from home and help beat boredom. 


  1. 72 Cutest Animals
    This series examines the nature of cuteness and how being adorable actually helps animals survive in the wilderness. 
  2. Night on Earth
    Using the best night-vision technology, wildlife at night is revealed. Watch the lion hunt and the bat soar as if you were really there!
  3. The Magic Schoolbus Rides Again
    This new series takes the beloved classic, The Magic School Bus, and updates it for this generation. Join Mrs. Frizzle as she and the kids learn about science with the help of the magic school bus! 
  4. DisneyNature Oceans
    Watch deep-sea creatures in action, from swimming to eating. Hypnotic and beautiful!
  5. Dino Hunt
    The perfect series for all the dinosaur fanatics out there. Travel with paleontologists as they search for dinosaur remains! 
  6. StoryBots
    Join the StoryBots as they learn how to make music, why people look different, where planets come from and more. Special guest appearances from actors and musicians! 
  7. Brainchild
    Brainchild covers topics that pertain to slightly older kids, like social media, the science of selfies, superheroes, germs, dreams and more. 
  8. Justin Time and Justin Time Go!
    Both series follow the protagonist, Justin, who travels through time to witness famous historical events. A fun and imaginative cartoon that is so good that kids won’t realize they’re learning about history! 
  9. Beat Bugs
    Beat Bugs is an adorable cartoon that mixes plot with classics. The perfect way to expose kids to a variety of music forms while learning a bit about science and history. 
  10. Dream BIG
    Narrated by Jeff Bridges, this documentary explores the various giant feats of engineering around the globe. 
  11. Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History
    Kevin Hart, well-known comedian, highlights the fascinating contributions of black history’s unsung heroes using comedy to educate and entertain. 
  12. Our Planet
    Breathtakingly beautiful, Our Planet covers climate change, animals, frozen worlds, jungles, coastal seas and more.
  13. Octonauts
    Decidedly for younger kids, Octonauts is perfect for those who love Paw Patrol and the like. Learn about the animals of the sea while joining the Octonauts on their underwater adventures!
  14. The Who Was? Show
    This live-action sketch-comedy series brings important historical figures, like King Tut, Marie Antoinette, and Pablo Picasso, to life in an entertaining and humorous way. 
  15. DisneyNature Growing Up Wild
    Follow five baby animals from around the world as they grow and learn with their families. 

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