A new option for specialized learning

. July 8, 2013.

Every high school student has different needs, but the challenges faced by adolescents with autism and Asperger’s syndrome require particular attention. Veritas Christi, a new private secondary school beginning its fi rst academic year, aims to provide a welcoming learning environment for exceptional students of all kinds, but with a particular focus on those on the autism spectrum. Young people with autism or Asperger’s are often highly intelligent and admirably focused, but have diffi culty in the social situations that arise in a traditional educational setting. Founder and Head of School Richard Nye wants to provide these unique students with an experience comparable to a conventional high school, but one where they will not be stigmatized or made to feel different. Indeed, Nye aims to create an inclusive environment, not limited only to those on the autism spectrum. In fact, the school has already attracted interest from international students who may have analogous social adjustment issues. Veritas Christi, as the name indicates, is a faith-based institution, but not associated with any denomination. Students follow an individualized course of study, with a core curriculum of Math,
Science, English and Social Studies. There are also electives dealing with subjects such as emotional intelligence that are crucial to autistic students. Veritas Christi is at 410 S. Maple, in the fomer Absolute
Title building. The school has open year-round enrollment. Call 734-213-1300 for information.