Finding a New WAY

. July 8, 2013.

A new pilot program at the Washtenaw Intermediate School District aims to provide at-risk high-school-age students with the additional support they need to succeed. Widening Advancement for Youth, or WAY, is aimed at students who have dropped out of school or are in danger of dropping out, as well as at students with special needs that make traditional school attendance diffi cult. The program, based on a successful UK program called "Not School,” provides each student with a computer and a digital camera, and encourages them to learn by working on an individually selected project that fits their interests. Students are required to meet twice weekly at Stone School in Ann Arbor, but all other work is done individually and online. The supervising teachers, or “mentors,” remain in daily contact with students and evaluate their progress. The WAY program promises to keep students engaged who might otherwise fall through the cracks in the system. For information, call 734-994-8100.