A New Path to Success

. January 30, 2013.


Getting your child ready for the world of college takes discipline and rigor. Arbor Preparatory School, a new secondary school opening this fall in Ypsilanti, provides the academic and social environment teens need to excel. The school is the newest addition to the family of Grand Rapids-based
PrepNet Schools, which currently operates two other high schools. Under principal Matt Hudson, the new Ann Arbor school will carry on PrepNet’s
philosophy of the “four R’s,” Rigor, Relevance, Relationships and Responsibility and Moral Focus. The school aims to produce well-rounded college-bound students, offering instruction in visual and performing arts, as well as athletics. Each student is required to complete at least two Advanced Placement Classes, and to perform 60 hours of community service. The school is an exciting new option for parents looking to launch their children on the road to lifelong success. 

6800 Hitchingham Rd., Ypsilanti. 734-961-9700. www.prepnetschools.com/arbor