A one-stop local solution

. January 15, 2013.

There’s never been more interest in eating locally produced food, and Ann Arbor’s Lunasa Market offers a convenient way to do it. Created by Jane
Pacheco and Dawn Thompson, Lunasa describes itself as an “online farmers’ market.” “We wanted to fi nd an easy way to make local food accessible,” says
Dawn Thompson. “When you go into a grocery store, it’s hard to make those decisions. I thought ‘this is a lot of work. There has to be an easier way.’” For a
$40 monthly fee, Lunasa allows members to order goods online from dozens of local producers for one convenient twice-monthly pickup. Lunasa has
been serving the Ann Arbor area through its warehouse on Jackson Road, and now it’s ready to expand. The greater Detroit area will have access to Lunasa’s bounty through the Douglas Foods/Maxwell’s Arts & Treasures warehouse at 32416 Industrial Rd. in Garden City. The Ann Arbor location hosts pick-up days on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, and the Garden City location will use the fi rst and third Mondays. 734-330-4497. www.lunasa.us