Build a Love for the Outdoors

A national organization encourages women and their children to get outside, enjoy nature and be active as soon as possible after giving birth. Hike it Baby has launched in the Ann Arbor area in an effort to reduce the effects of postpartum depression in new mothers and create a support system for the community. It will help families discover the beauty of nature in their neighborhoods and teach children to appreciate the outdoors from an early age. Ypsilanti mom Annie Furtado is a former environmental educator and was introduced to the idea by a family member. After discovering that Ann Arbor did not offer anything similar, she took it upon herself to contact the founder, Shanti Hodges, and the next day a Facebook group was created and members came quickly. Hike it Baby currently hosts weekly Sunday Strolls and has plans to host “New Mom” hikes, “Preschool Hikes” and “Dad Hikes” in the future. 

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