Hands-On Farming Fun

The experience of hands-on farming is now available to people of all ages at FireSign Family Farm, a 53-acre farm located in Webster Township. The farm raises livestock in a natural environment and uses organic farming methods. According to owner Ruth Ehman, “This is not a petting farm experience. This is a real, operating, full-time farm. It is a passion of mine to share my blessing here and educate people where their food is coming from.” Activities at the farm include tending the livestock, vegetable gardening, bread baking, hand milking, and cheese, butter and yogurt making. Classes and activities are seasonal and weather dependent. Livestock includes dairy cows and goats, beef cattle, broiler and egg laying chickens, turkey, sheep, pigs and horses. FireSign Family Farm is wheelchair accessible and welcomes groups and individuals with special needs.

Appointments prior to visiting are strongly recommended. FireSign Family Farm, 7500 Trotters Lane, Whitmore Lake, 734-449-0247, www.firesignfamilyfarm.com.