FLYing High


Kids are naturally drawn to art, of course-the creative impulse comes built-in. But the regimented environment of a classroom isn't always the best way to bring it out.

FLY Children's Art Center takes a different approach, bringing the tools and opportunity out into the community where children are, and letting the art happen. FLY's Open Studio Sessions are freewheeling and fun, and give Children a chance to create on their own terms. FLY's facilitators, or "flight attendants," bring the supplies and supervise, but don't micro-manage-letting children teach themselves about problem solving and risk-taking. The supplies are presented in a "buffet" format, and the facilitators function in effect as "tech support." The children are encouraged, but are allowed to direct their own work.

Currently, Open Studio Sessions are held on Thursday mornings at Beezy's Coffee & Cafe, at 20 N. Washington in Ypsilanti, and on Friday afternoons at the Ypsilanti Senior /Community Center, at 1015 N. Congress. Individual sessions are $15, and online registration is required. In addition, on Sunday, November 7, and Sunday December, FLY will host a free drop-in Open Studio at the Whittaker Branch Library at 5577 Whittaker Rd. 511 Pearl St.,