Freedom to play

. October 26, 2012.

Cancer is among the hardest challenges a family can face. The Cancer Support Community of Ann Arbor is an invaluable resource for parents and children traveling that longest and toughest of roads, offering a broad array of support and education programs, along with activities to lift the spirits of all those passing through illness. Now, the CSC offers Noogieland, a safe and fun play area for children with cancer, right inside its facility on Hogback Road. Visitors to the bright and friendly space are greeted by a mural created by artist Zeke Mallory, as well as toys, games and supplies generously contributed in a drive spearheaded by Ann Arbor’s ForeSee Results. It’s all a part of a new 1600-square-foot expansion to the CSC building, which includes spaces for children and adults to exercise and do therapeutic arts and crafts. When things get hard, don’t forget to stop in and play.  2010 Hogback Rd., Ste. 3. 734-975-2500.  

Noogieland also offers a colorful art space for kids to express themselves. (right)