Tailgate cooking

. October 26, 2012.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a supreme tailgate chef? The new Ann Arbor Tailgates: Your Favorite Recipes cookbook can help you master the ways of the portable grill and draw crowds to the back of your pickup. Released in 2012, the book comes with over 100 recipes, as well as memorable photos and stories from UM tailgaters. One recipe you’ll find in the book is Baked Potato Chips, hand-cut potatoes baked with just a touch of olive oil and served with green onion dip. Many of the recipes come from UM superfans whose recipe names sound more like fight songs, such as the Go Bleu Cheese Spread and Go Blue Martinis. Proceeds support the homeless shelter at the Alpha House. To order, call or email Helen Starman at 734-822-0220 or hstarman@alphahouse-ihn.org.