Neutral Zone’s Music and Arts Festival, Live on Washington

. May 27, 2016.

Face it parents, it’s tough to know what the kids are listening to these days that’s still considered “cool” (Are we supposed to like Justin Bieber still?). Luckily, Neutral Zone’s annual one-day music and arts festival, Live on Washington, is planned by and for Washtenaw County teenagers. This year, there will be two stages jam-packed with live music, a main stage (where headliner Vulfpeck will perform to close out the night) and an acoustic stage. Every genre of music will get its time in the spotlight, from hard rock to soul, along with street activities, art and food vendors throughout. Continue to make Live on Washington a reality by donating on Indiegogo.

Saturday, June 4 | 3-10pm
Neutral Zone | 310 E. Washington St.

734-214-9995 | | Free