Power Play

. May 30, 2013.

The Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum wants a bigger footprint — in outreach, not carbon. Now, a recent $10,000 grant from DTE Energy Foundation will help achieve a museum goal of communicating to as many Michigan young people as possible the importance of energy awareness. “We realize that we can’t make our facility larger,” says Executive Director Mel Drumm, “so we’re thrilled that the grant will help us take exhibits on the road and around the region.” The grant also helps reach out beyond devout museum-goers, who tend to be parents and their kids in the infant to ages 8 or 9 demographic, and extend into programs for middle and high school students. Those programs will continue to make complex scientific ideas relevant and easier to grasp. “For instance, a hydrogen fuel cell is a tough concept,” says Drumm. “So we’ve developed an experience where kids actually become the components of the hydrogen cell, and emulate what happens inside it; it becomes a dance.” The museum’s commitment to green sustainability applies to teaching ideas as well. “It’s not about how much money you spend,” says Drumm. “It’s about how you leverage things, repurpose them, and how you reach people and provide new experiences.” 220 E. Ann St. 734-995-5439. www.aahom.org.