Tangled up in fun

. May 30, 2013.

Here’s one recipe for a masterpiece: Start with a bunch of kids. Give each one a ball of colored elastic. Stand them in a space fashioned into a giant pegboard, and let the art begin. Tangle, an open-air experience provided by the Australia-based company Polyglot Theater (www.polyglottheatre.com), is coming to the Ann Arbor Summer Festival to wreak its spectacular form of havoc, which results in a completely interactive, organic, and constantly evolving piece of abstract public art. It doesn’t consist solely of the structure created by the elastic pieces; kids themselves become a part of the sculpture once they’ve used up their material; and parents are welcome to join in the fun. Getting tangled up in the thread is all part of the experience, which, according to the A2 Summer Festival, is “part spectacular visual arts installation, part performance, part playground, part dance party and all chaos.” The soundtrack: laughter, and tons of it. Tangle is hosted in two-hour blocks with 40-minute play sessions in each block. $5 for kids, free for accompanying parents. It takes place daily from Wednesday through Sunday, June 19-23, from 4-6pm and from 7:30-8:30pm. South Ingalls Mall, Ann Arbor. a2sf.org/event/tangle1.