Spontaneous community

. January 14, 2013.

It’s hard to predict what to expect when Billy Jonas returns with his wild and wacky family show to the Ark Coffeehouse on Sunday, March 6, at 1pm. Even if you’ve seen him in concert before, you’ll no doubt be freshly surprised by the music he, and you, and the rest of that day’s audience creates. Jonas places a premium on spontaneity and community, more than most musicians who play for children and families. He makes his music rather than merely for, people. As he says, “My favorite instrument is the audience.” This from a guy who plays an unusuallywide variety of familiar  percussion instruments and guitar, but also brings to the stage an intriguing array of what he calls “foraged, found and homemade instruments;” buckets, bottles, broom handles and key chains to mention just a few. Jonas’ songs childlike. Jonas’ CDs and videos have received awards from Parents Choice Magazine, and the New York Times, among others, and no less a musician and performer than Alison Krauss says about him, “Billy Jonas’ talent, wit and obvious love for children and learning make him and his music irresistible. Whenever I see him perform, my face hurts from smiling.”

The Ark Coffeehouse is located at 316 S. Main St. For tickets call 734-761- 1800 or visit www.theark.org