Thank you, Annie!

. February 19, 2013.

Ann Arbor-based parenting and relationship consultant, Annie Zirkel says, “gratitude is probably the value that was most deeply ingrained in me in my childhood. But not all attempts by my parents were helpful.” Assisting parents in instilling gratitude in their children, Zirkel wrote You’ll Thank Me Later. The book teaches how to nurture gratitude as an on-going endeavor by modeling thankfulness, having discussions with your children, practicing rituals of thanks, and actively showing gratitude.

“Saying ‘thank you’ is not the same as feeling thankful. While they are both important, one is about manners and the other is about an internal awareness of and appreciation for what you have,” explains Zirkel. “Reseach into gratitude has shown that the practice of gratefulness is an important aspect of life satisfaction and optimism. It is also a safeguard against entitlement, materialism, and depression symptoms.”

You’ll Thank Me Later is available locally at Nicola’s Books, Falling Waters Books & Collectibles, and Georgetown Gifts.