The Key To The Mystery

. January 24, 2013.

Songs have a lifelong impact on children. Recently, Ann Arbor dad and ukulele player Greg Gattuso or Hilo Greg, his stage persona, released his new album Little Songs For Big Kids. “Every parent knows what it’s like to hear ‘The Wheels On The Bus’ for the millionth time—it’s torture!” says Gattuso. Hilo Greg began playing ukulele five years ago while caught between jobs in New York City. Once he’d learned the instrument, The New York Ukulele Ensemble welcomed Gattuso, who later co-founded Ukes for Obama and his own ukulele jazz band, Agent 99. Hilo Greg’s debut album contains original music with soothing tones and whimsical lyrics. Parents and children can relate to Hilo’s song repertoire with subjects ranging from Star Wars to Elvis and mac n’ cheese to pirates.

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