The Lilybell Literacy Project

. September 30, 2015.

Lilybell magazine is a monthly digital magazine for girls, available for viewing on an iPad, with themed issues every month, like sewing or sports. The magazine is broken up into sections such as Interesting Person, which is an interview with someone whose profession corresponds to the theme. The experiment section focuses on projects readers can try at home. 

The editor of Lilybell, Sara Lynne Hilton, created the magazine rooted in a deep passion for helping girls discover and use their individual talents and voices. After experiencing endless pain from a chronic medical condition, Hilton found that happiness is elusive.

Finding delight in the little things like going for a walk, creating a story, making dinner, or tending her garden, it’s important for her to remember that the “elusive ‘when’ is right now, and there is delight despite pain, and it’s all around us.” Her magazine helps her achieve that herself, and share the secret power of delighting in the now with young girls. 

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