Pianos ‘Round Town Closing Weekend

. September 25, 2015.
Pianos ‘Round Town Closing Weekend

Have dreams of being the next Billy Joel? Ever sung Elton John in the shower? Now’s the chance to bring those dreams to life in a low-pressure, community-friendly environment.

The second annual Pianos ‘Round Town event, located all across downtown Ypsilanti, is in it’s final weekend. For those unfamiliar with the event, it’s simple; creatively decorated pianos have been placed all over Depot Town, Downtown Ypsilanti, and near the Eastern Michigan Campus. Simply step up (or sit down) at one of them and show off your skills.

Pianos are available to be played anytime during normal business hours and are located at the following locations; Cafe Racer (10 E. Cross St.), Ypsilanti Food Co-op (312 N. River St.), Sidetrack Bar and Grill (56 E. Cross St.), Nelson Amos Studio (23 E. Cross St.), Mix (130 W. Michigan Ave.), B-24 (217 W. Michigan Ave.), Tower Inn Cafe (701 W. Cross St.), and the Depot Town Dispensary (35 E. Cross).

Best of all, there’s no pressure – play any tune you like, have fun, and see if you can draw a crowd of weekend window-shoppers.

The event ends this Sunday, September 27. Be sure to share your performance with us on our facebook page or on twitter for a chance to extend your time in the limelight!

Check out the Pianos ‘Round Town youtube page for past performances.