How Does Your School Measure Up?

. June 21, 2019.

A look at Washtenaw County vaccination rates

Our kids spend the majority of their time at school and there is comfort in knowing that they’re going to be safe there. House Bill 4610 was recently introduced in the Michigan legislature to help protect children from measles by requiring schools to notify families if their student vaccine waiver rate is higher than 5%. According to studies by health officials, outbreaks are far less likely to occur if 95% of a school’s student population is vaccinated.

Currently, about 32% of Washtenaw County schools have waiver rates over 5%, with some rates as high as 30%. Waivers can be obtained for medical reasons, if an MD or DO signs off, but religious and philosophical waivers are also available. And while the non-medical waiver process is more complicated and includes a meeting with a health department official to discuss parents’ concerns, it is still a route often utilized by parents who choose not to vaccinate their child.

This data, acquired from MLive, allows you to take a look at the vaccination rates of your child’s school, or any school in Washtenaw County.

Washtenaw Vaccines

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