Lucky’s Market Making a Dfference with Impact Days

. July 5, 2016.

Ann Arbor’s Lucky’s Market is giving back to the community by not just providing fresh food, but by also holding Impact Days, where ten percent of all proceeds are donated to a non-profit. We caught up with Lucky’s Regional Marketing Specialist, Elisabeth Warner, to learn more about Lucky’s Impact Days and their passion for making a difference in the Ann Arbor area.

Ann Arbor Family: What inspired the idea to have impact days?

Elisabeth: Part of our Lucky's Market culture is to create lasting change in the communities we're part of. We've found Impact Days to be a great way to work together with a non-profit to learn more about how they create impact, to promote them, and be able to play a role in their financial support. During the day itself, our non-profit partner is with us in the store, so it's a wonderful opportunity for community connections.

Will all of the proceeds be donated to Ozone House or will other organizations be recipients as well?  

Ten percent of all sales on the 14th will go directly to Ozone House.

What about these organizations inspires you or attracts you to donate to their cause?

Our primary areas of interest are youth and education, resilience, and healthy communities. That covers a lot of ground, so we're able to work directly with a number of organizations that we believe are really doing  work on the ground to really create positive results in Ann Arbor. We look for organizations that are really connected to the community, and whose efforts are reflected in tangible outcomes.

How will the Impact Days impact the Ann Arbor community?

The funds generated from our Impact Days go directly to our non-profit partners, so in this case, funds from Impact Day will support Ozone House's Work Zone program, which provides at risk youth from 18-20 with job training, work clothes, transportation, and more.

What is the time frame for the Impact Days (duration, dates, etc.)?

Our Impact Days happen every quarter for a full day, with the days themselves varying.

Have there been any moments that stand out to you from having Impact Days or moments where you have seen the donations and the organizations receiving them help someone firsthand?

So many! We stay close with all of our non-profit partners, so we're lucky that we get to see their work as they go along. The Ann Arbor YMCA has an amazing learning garden that we've helped support with two past Impact Days, and we've gotten to see their literal growth this year! The best is to see the education that happens in the store on our Impact Days- team members and customers have the opportunity to learn more about what's happening in our town, and how we can all work together to support the good work happening in Ann Arbor.

Lucky’s Market is located at 1919 S Industrial Hwy.
The Impact Day is July 14
Visit or call 734-368-9137 for more information