In The Balance

. November 6, 2012.

 Conventional medicine is invaluable, of course — but Ann Arbor's Natural Balance Wellness Center leaves no stone unturned in finding ways to keep you healthy. Under the direction of Dr. Tony Boggess, a trained osteopath, Natural Balance practices Holistic Family Care, incorporating a wide variety of alternative therapies in addition to traditional family medicine. They treat an array of conditions ranging from pain disorders, behavioral and mood problems from depression to addiction, immune disorders and environmental allergies to developmental disorders like autism and ADHD. They can help create customized diets, perform occupational and speech therapy, conduct developmental testing and psychotherapy, and offer counseling on natural remedies and transitioning from conventional medications and acupuncture is also available and effective for a wide variety of ailments.

Get the best in alternative care in a professional environment, administered with a personal touch. 1310 S. Main St., Ann Arbor. 734-929-2696.